Christmas Movie Chart Update – 12/26/13


Alex:  Look what Santa left for us! An updated version of the Christmas Movie Chart! More movies, more categories, more money, more problems! If you’re looking for a condensed format breaking down the ratings and conventions followed in these films, this is probably as close as you’re going to get. Download it below:


So what is the key takeaway here? Well I’m definitely not shocked at what a big role the grim reaper plays. Someone being dead is an obvious plot device intended to make us care about characters otherwise unlikable. And the feud between Money and Christmas has been going on since at least the days of Ebenezer Scrooge. What came as the biggest surprise was actually just how many Canadian accents went unhidden. I knew going in that a bunch of these movies were filmed north of the border, for budgetary reasons I am sure, but the flagrant uses of “oot”, “aboot”, and “sore-ee” were staggering to me this year. Does it dramatically affect my overall enjoyment of the films? Or life in general? No, but it is kind of odd. I still maintain it’s pretty easy to say those words with a non-Canadian accent and since all the movies are set in the US of A, the fact that they either can’t do it or won’t do it arouses suspicion, adding to what is fast becoming a long list of things about Canada which concern me, including:

1.) Ninety percent of population is massed within 100 miles of northern American border.

2.) Seems not to mind that one of its provinces has turned almost entirely French.

3.) Excessive politeness only makes sense as cover for something truly sinister. But what?

4.) Citizens seem strangely impervious to cold.

5.) Decriminalization of marijuana and acceptance of gay marriage without corresponding collapse of social institutions indicate Canada may, in fact, be indestructible.

6.) Consistently stays just below cultural radar yet never quite disappears.

7.) Parliamentary government and common-law judiciary appear to function acceptably yet remain completely inscrutable.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Movie Chart Update – 12/26/13

  1. Have you noticed — or are at all bothered — by the lack of diversity in these Christmas movies — especially and most egregiously on the Hallmark Channel?

    We’re going into 2014 and our country is more diverse than ever. But that isn’t reflected in these movies; which is disappointing and concerning given how popular cable Christmas rom coms/movies are.

    All of our Christmases, and holiday romances, aren’t white.

  2. I’ve definitely noticed. What’s interesting is that in theaters this year, we have the opposite paradigm. There were three holiday movies made for a black audience – Black Nativity, The Best Man’s Holiday, and a new Medea flick. Yet nothing that seemed specifically targeted at other ethnic groups. I wonder what the reasoning is? Do black people by and large want to see their Christmas movies in theaters, with actors familiar to them,while white people prefer to watch their movies at home, on deep cable stations who target female viewers of a certain age and where it’s not as important whether they know the actors or not? Maybe it’s that simple and these movies are just finding their intended audiences? Or is there something much more sophisticated going on?

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