Merry Christmases, Eve and just the regular one – 12/24/13


Alex:  Obviously, given the subject matter of this blog, Christmas is kind of a big deal to me and since you are reading this right now, I wish you the happiest one possible. I hope that some of these movies have made your spirits bright. If not, you may want to see a doctor because I think something could be seriously wrong with you. Plus, it could be a funny story for the doctor to tell his friends and family later.

It is a little bittersweet to be closing in on the big day itself here, as it effectively concludes my Christmas movie viewing season. I could technically continue to watch them all year round but then I might need to see a doctor too. It sure has been a lot of fun though and I’ve still got some awards to hand out so stay tuned for another couple of posts here. Have yourself a merry little Christmas and I mean that in a positive, happy way, not the way they say it in the song, which is ironically sounds very sad to me.


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