Happy Thanksgiving! – 11/28/13



Alex:  Not a review of a movie but if you want my rating for Thanksgiving itself, it’s a one million eggnogs. I love this holiday and wish you an extremely happy one. Looks like our good friends at the Hallmark channel are running their slate of Thanksgiving movies today, as well as a few Christmas ones so they’ve got you covered. Lifetime on the other hand seems to be asleep at the wheel, airing no holiday films at all. It almost looks like they have a mini-theme going with mother-daughter relationship flicks, two of which starring Mandy Moore. Then later on tonight, they are gonna throw on The Breakfast Club. I am not seeing the logic here but then again, when I was a kid, I used to love watching those Twilight Zone marathons over Thanksgiving so maybe there is some mother-daughter-coming-of-age-Breakfast-Club tradition I am (blissfully) unaware of. I guess that’s one of the truly great things about this holiday. You can kind of make it whatever you want so long as it is in keeping with the common denominator – indulgence. And what a great thing to celebrate. Indulgence is what separates man from the animals (except of course, for the Mexican Indulgence Weasel). But anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!



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