The Christmas Fart – 11/17/13

Christmas Fart

I interrupt your normally scheduled programming to bring you an urgent news bulletin here. Just happened to catch a scene in another Hallmark Channel movie yesterday, one I wasn’t even planning to watch or review, yet almost like a Christmas miracle, I stumbled upon this amazing scene, which some local hero has now posted on youtube:

The Christmas Fart!

Does this guy actually fart when he closes the pizza box? My wife says “No”, he is just making one of those gameshow buzzer types of noises. I say it’s a fart. Here’s why:

1.) I want to believe it’s a fart.

2.) I don’t see his mouth move to make that buzzer sound.

3.) It does not sound like a buzzer sound.

4.) He has kind of this awkward laugh after he does it, attempting to smile through his guilt but not quite able to. We’ve all been there.

5.) The woman does not immediately realize that this happened and after walking away and taking a bite of pizza, it totally dawns on her that she just ate pizza from a fart guy.

6.) At this point, the guy now knows that she knows it was a fart and doesn’t know what to do.

7.)  C’mon, that guy farted.

You be the judge. The movie was called The Christmas Card but will now forever be known as The Christmas Fart. I am going to write the Hallmark people and see if they can make that change official.


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