A Country Christmas Story – 11/14/13


Alex:  Years ago, long before the Hallmark and Lifetime Networks showed us the way, Dolly Parton was in a made-for-TV Christmas movie called A Smoky Mountain Christmas. It had orphans, a witch, Lee Majors – all your favorites! A real classic and I may even review it later.

After a long hiatus, Dolly is finally back where she belongs,in a Christmas movie. This one comes courtesy of Lifetime and is a called A Country Christmas Story. Could lightning strike twice? Unfortunately, I have to say no. Although to tell you the truth, we dunked A Country Christmas Story 30 minutes in. It’s possible that it became great at some point, like a true Christmas miracles but I didn’t think that was worth finding out.

So why did we bail on this so quickly? I don’t know exactly. It’s kind of just a feel thing. There was a downbeat, serious energy to the movie and I just didn’t think it had the good/bad magic I was looking for. Plus there were seemingly no witches, no Lee Majors, and Dolly wasn’t really a main character in the film. She just plays herself, hosting some talent competition at the end. Coming in with Smoky Mountain Christmas expectations, this was a real kick in the chestnuts. So hit the bench, A Country Christmas Story, and strap on your skates, A Family Thanksgiving, ‘cuz you’re going in next.


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