An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving – 11/8/13


Alex:  Okay, so if I had seen that DVD cover image before I attempted to watch this film, I never would have watched this film.  Not only does it not look like my cup of tea but the fact that it was ever even made into a commercial DVD is a major red flag.  I just recorded it with wild abandon and figured we should watch it next because it was another Thanksgiving movie.

But after no more than 30 minutes in, I had bad Little House on the Prairie flashbacks and dunked it.  Turned it off.  The only reason I got that far is because there were some nice pictures of snow and I wasn’t really paying attention anyway while I was talking to my wife about her day.  But come on, Thanksgiving/Christmas in the 1800s?  Who wants to hear about that? Not me.  Ever.

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